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Which mantra is best in Kali Yuga?

Which mantra is best in Kali Yuga?

Which mantra is best in Kali Yuga?

Which mantra is best in Kali Yuga?
Which mantra is best in Kali Yuga?

Friends, we all know that this is the time of technology. Still not satisfied even after making so much progress. Still, there is a fear from which we are looking for ways to overcome. Some problems cannot be resolved. Every year some new virus comes in front of which no one can follow. Is there any such mantra in this Kaliyuga which can save us from all. Friends, we will try to know about this topic. Is there such a mantra - which mantra is best in Kaliyuga? Which is the most powerful mantra?
In Kaliyuga, chanting the mantra and taking initiation from a qualified guru, even some people do not have faith in the mantra, and those who have it are not aware of not getting the right knowledge, in such a situation both are very difficult, but, in this For this reason, Narad ji, dear to all, had already resolved this confusion. They are trikaldarshi. They knew that the time would be difficult ahead. Both the gods and the demons agree to Narada's words.

Which mantra is best in Kali Yuga?
Which mantra is best in Kali Yuga?

Narad ji has given such a mantra, in which, neither initiation nor guru is needed. With the help of this mantra you will get peace of mind. In Kalisantaran-Upanishad, Narada ji has given this mantra. This mantra can be chanted by everyone, even without a rosary.

What's more, you can sing it anywhere, anytime! Narad ji says that-

"Harenam harernam harennamaev kevalam, kalonatsev natsev natsev speed: otherwise".

One who understands these sentences can get rid of the miseries of the world.

That is, in Kali-yuga, only by the name of Hari, only by the name of Harin, speed is achieved, here speed has both meanings, also liberation, mobility in stalled work.

Which mantra is best in Kali Yuga?
See the mantra-

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare.

This is the 32 letter Mahamantra. Say it with every breath. It will all work.

Which mantra should be chanted in this dreadful time?
In this dreadful time, whenever a person gets time, everyone should chant this mantra. Mantra is more important than chanting, we should take ourselves to that level where it has special benefits, by changing our daily life, we have to make our life self-restraint, benevolent, simple, only then we can get the esoteric signs of these mantras. .

Which is the most powerful mantra in the world?

Which mantra is best in Kali Yuga?
Which mantra is best in Kali Yuga?

Apart from this, there are some mantras according to different people.
In Kaliyuga, the main two deities have been said, who are immediately pleased, I have read somewhere three, the main two Shakti Vinayak, now Shakti means mother - whomever you believe, their Vinayak means - Ganesh ji and third: Hanuman ji.

Now you will get the mantras of these three from anywhere. Now there are some other deities. Kuldevi / Kuldevata Ishta - This will be known with the help of an astrologer or from a guru. Village deities such as Mahalakshmi, Mumba Devi and Siddhivinayak are the village deities of Mumbai, who are believed to be the custodians of the place.

What are mantras? What is the meaning of mantra?
The literal meaning of the mantra is a prayer of praise. The thought given on any important points is also called a mantra. Mantrana or minister also originates from the word mantra. And if the path found for the solution of any problem is also called a mantra. But in general, the praise or prayer given to the deities in our place is called mantra, the thoughts of the Vedas are only mantras. Our country India is a religious and secular country, as well as the followers of most of the religions practiced in the world live here, but there are many people who believe in Sanatan Dharma, in the second place are the followers of Islam. So the Guruvani for the Sikhs which is given in their famous scripture Guru Granth Sahib, similarly for the Jains, the Jinvani is their mantra. With these mantras, you can make the mind restrained and simple, which will change your life.

People in their country believe in God in every particle. In Sanatan Dharma there are many other deities besides God. The worshipers of all are also different, some are Vaishnavas, some are Shaivas, some are Shaktis, and some are worshipers of the formless Brahman. Even in their own country people worship and worship the devotees. Where there are so many beliefs, who lacks good mantras, the scriptures of Sanatan Dharma are full of mantras. Mantras have also been composed by Shankaracharyas and other Bhagavad devotees. Sanatan Dharma is so generous that everyone is free to worship his own worship. It is natural that the deity of which one is worshiped, he will chant or pray a mantra that pleases him. It is a matter of diversity that we now know which mantra of the present Kaliyuga is correct. It is true that mantras and methods of worship also change from time to time. The fruit used to be obtained, the same virtuous fruit is obtained by chanting Hari Naam in Kaliyuga. According to their respective beliefs, even today some people chant Mahamrityunjaya, while some worship Durga, the presiding deity of power.

Which is the most powerful mantra in Kali Yuga?

According to the Brihannardiya Purana, Harernam Harernam Harernamaiva Kevalam. Nastyava nastyava nastyava speed: otherwise.

Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu supports this point,

Shri Gauranga Mahaprabhu, and the fifth original Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj and his most beloved disciple Swami Shri Mukundanand Ji Maharaj have also done it. Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj has clearly said that the power of the name Hari is not less than that of Hari provided the name is taken from the mind. The glory of the name Hari is so much that a person, by the order of the guru, became the great saint Maharishi Valmiki, who later wrote the Ramayana, by chanting the reverse of the word Rama. Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj while describing the glory of the name has said that

Under the name you are Govind Radhe.

The one who takes your name makes you cry.

But further he has also said that the chanting or remembrance of the name should be done from the mind, that is, whatever mantra is uttered, it should be done from the mind. The importance of the name Hari has also been given in Kaliyuga because at this time there are very few people who read and know Sanskrit and all the mantras are in Sanskrit. If a vowel of one letter of a word of a mantra is mistaken, then it becomes a disaster and the results start becoming very bad. Therefore, chanting of Hari Naam is the biggest mantra at this time. Before taking the name of any idol, it is very important to remember them, only then its fruit will be meaningful, otherwise then Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj has said that

Call Nami Purva Govind Radhe.

Before singing the name, put it in the name.

Look at Valmiki Govind Radhe.

May I die somewhere Ram should call Brahm.

Overall, it can be said that in whatever form the name of Hari is taken, it is very auspicious.

Read in Hindi : - 

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare Hare. Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare. Kohi is today highly recognized as a Mool Mantra. Besides this, the Lord has given us so much freedom that in whatever form we call His name He has been waiting for us from eternal births with His arms outstretched and lovingly looking forward to show us compassion because He is merciless without reason. .

In Kaliyuga, the best mantra is chanting the name of his presiding deity, Saint Tulsidas has also said in Ramcharitmanas that “Kaliyuga is only the name of Adhara. Sumir Sumir Nar Utharin Para. ,

Yogeshwar Lord Shri Krishna while describing the Viratroop also said in Shrimad Bhagvad Gita that he is chantable in mantras.

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